HUA-SHENG auto parts focuses on market-trend designs, and strives to offers efficient, quality and professional services to our customers. Other than carrying domestic and imported headlights and other premium quality auto parts and products, we can also offer OEM and ODM services. Our corporate mission is to provide the best products and services to our customers under the most stringent quality control and to achieve win-win situation with our customers and suppliers.

Our competitive advantage, other than obtaining the distribution rights to numerous domestic/imported auto parts, is the expertise of our professional team in designing and manufacturing of the car lights. Through integration of the manufacturing supply chain, we are able to control costs and product quality as well as offering our customers efficient and professional technical supports through collaboration with major manufacturers.

1. Continue to expand our global reach in terms of sales and services.
2. Continue to focus on product design and innovation while maintaining superior quality control.
3. Continue to offer the most timely market intelligence and most convenient services to our customers.